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Research from Western Sydney University reveals new insights into the causes of baby reflux

Happy mum, happy bub: Katie Honan with Bella, who has had reflux since she was born, is smiling again after getting treatment. Picture: John VeageA new n study that examines baby reflux reveals interesting findings into the root of its causes.
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ResearchersfromWestern Sydney University found that several factors linked to the mother could have an effect on whether an infant sufferedfrom the chronic condition.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GOR) occurs when the muscles between a baby’sfood pipe (or oesophagus) and stomach, momentarily relax. The stomach contents may come back up into theoesophagus or mouth because muscles are not fully developed.

It usually improves by itself by the time babies are toddlers.

But the more serious gastro-oesophageasreflux disease (GORD)is when reflux leads to complications.Symptoms includespain and discomfort in the chest or upper abdomen, gagging, frequent vomiting, excessive weight loss and delayed development.

The university’sSchool of Nursing and Midwifery analysed the reasons for infants being admitted to Karitane and Tresillian, the Residential Parenting Services in NSW, within the first 12 months following birth.

The project included an analysis of hospital records from 2000-2011, a random audit of 326 medical records from admissions to parenting services, and eight focus groups.

Results, which were published inBMC Paediatrics, revealed maternal anxiety had strong associations with having a baby admitted in hospital with reflux.

Those babies were also more likely to be n-born, male, a first-bornora pre-term infant born in a private hospital viacaesarean section.

Paediatric neonatal nurse, Marnie Szeles

Katie Honan, of Burraneer, saidheryoungest daughter, Bella, 9 months, has struggled with reflux since she was born.

Bella was delivered naturally at 38 weeks in a private hospital.

“From day one, Bella was unsettled,” Mrs Honansaid.

“She wouldn’t sleep well and would want to constantly feed. It was exhausting.”

The mum-of-two assumedit was normal baby behaviour.

“We thought it was just a newborn thing [but] our first-born, was a really good baby,” she said.

She said each day was a challenge.

“Bella started screaming every time she was put on her back –she was hysterical in the car and hated her pram,” she said.

“She was agitated most of the day and struggled to have comfortable feeds because she would arch her back. She would prefer small, frequent cluster feeds. It was hard to get a break.

“I was anxious when I knew we had to go out because it would be a traumatic time for her and stressful for us. She would only sleep soundly being upright in the baby carrier.I knew something wasn’t right.”

Mrs Honan, 30, put Bella on a dose of Zantac, as recommended by her doctor. It eased the pain, but relief was short-lived.

Then a visit to the paediatrician was life-changing, she said.

“Bella was diagnosed with GORD and having an intolerance to cows milk,” Mrs Honan said.

“She started on Losec and remains on a heavy dose of that.

“Because she’s only breastfed, my diet needed to change so she wasn’t having a reaction.I went on a strict soy and dairy free diet.”

Six months down the track, Bella improved.

“Wefinally hada baby whowould lay on her mat and play, sleep in her bed and give us some happy smiles,” Mrs Honan said.

“Ialways wondered why Bella may have developed GORD and if it was something that could’ve been prevented.

“I think it’s just one of those things. We all have a different birth and pregnancy journey.”

Whispers Cottage, based at Caringbah, helps parents Sydney-wide with support including advice on strategy and routine changes to help manage reflux.

Paediatric neonatal nurse, Marnie Szeles, says reflux is increasing.

“Lots of mums call usfor sleep and settling issues, and about 75 per cent of those are for babies or infants suffering from reflux,” she said.

“Gut issues tend to be at the top of the list, followed by routine, sleep and diet.

“Overall I do see more male babies being more vulnerable to reflux.

“It’s also on the rise, which is frightening.

“My theory is that it’s the long-term change in our dietsin terms of how food is produced and preserved.”

She says the findings also callfor better support.

“I see very anxious and very relaxed mums, but the levels of anxiety are raised when there is a new baby because it’s a big change in the family,” she said.

“Mums tell me they feel they don’t have enough guidance–they’re just given a script.

“Women need to be heard and listened to, not judged.”

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Victory pledge to attack Shanghai in ACL

Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat is not putting the brakes on his side in the ACL.They’re playing one of Asia’s best teams in their backyard but Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat pledged to have a go at Shanghai SIPG in their Asian Champions League clash on Tuesday night.
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On Tuesday, Muscat’s out-of-form Victory will confront Brazilian trio Oscar, Hulk and Elkeson as well as some top Chinese talent in their second ACL match in a week.

They began with a closely fought 3-3 draw with Korea’s Ulsan Hyundai last Tuesday at AAMI Park.

Muscat wants a similar attacking intensity to their campaign opener.

“I want us to go out and ask questions. I want us to have a go … I don’t want to come here and give them all the ascendancy,” he said from Shanghai on Monday.

It’ll be a tough task, given the pedigree of their Brazilians.

Oscar was signed for about A$90 million from English Premier League side Chelsea after winning two titles with the London club.

Shanghai SIPG paid about A$75million to secure Hulk, the club’s captain, from Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia in 2016.

While Elkeson is without a high-profile European career, he has been the best performed in China – with 110 goals over six seasons in the Super League – having steered Guangzhou Evergrande to two Asian titles and three championships in China.

Muscat also acknowledged Wu Lei, the Chinese national team winger, who will also pose challenges for Victory’s fullbacks.

Victory’s coach is refusing to be intimidated.

“When you get to this point, they’re all good teams,” he said.

“They’ve got some threats. We’ve got to be very smart about how we go about things.

“But the second half the other day against Ulsan, we were knocking the ball around and playing some really good stuff ourselves.”

After a home draw to begin, Victory are in danger of losing touch without three points in Shanghai but Muscat denied this was a “must-win” match.

“It’s not necessarily do or die. There’s a lot that unfolds in the four games post this,” he said.

“You get a good result and it puts you naturally in a better position.”

Muscat has a full squad to choose from after the return to health of Stefan Nigro and Thomas Deng.

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Students excel in lead roles

HANDS UP: Participation in school leadership provides an opportunity to have a positive influence and is an important way to foster skills that will help young people make their way in the world. Student leadership is a great avenue for young people to find their voice.
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It gives them opportunities and support to participate in decision-making, and understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens, not only within the school but alsowider society.

Research suggests that when students are given the skills and opportunity to lead within their schools, they are empowered to have a real impact on their learning and school environment and are prepared to participate meaningfully in their community.

By becoming school leaders, students learn that they havelegitimate perspectives and opinions on issues that matter in the classroom, in the school, and in the community.

They learnhow to think critically, to collaborate with others, to communicate effectively and to participate in discussions, and are provided withplatforms to give their opinions and voice concerns.

They are exposed to the decision making bodies and governance procedures of the school and by participating in voting, they learn how they can influencethose bodies and procedures.

In this way, school leadership is a vehicle thatenable students to develop and implement projects to change and improve school operations, culture, climate or practices.

It might range from broad concepts like making school ‘more fun’, to more specific things like helping improve the way events are run, to organising activities that facilitate student-teacher bonding.

Studies show that if children aren’t engaged inschoolthey will lack the requisite skills to carry into the workforce. As role models to students of all ages, school leaders can play an effective role in encouraging that engagement via peer support, buddying, mentoring or coaching programs.

And through participation in school leadership programs, students learn skills and make contacts that can lead to opportunities outside school, such as part-time jobs, sports coaching positions and involvement in community organisations.

School leadership programs give students get the chance to better not only themselves, but those around them, in meaningful ways that extend beyondschool.

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Jonas training to avoid AFL suspension

Power’s Tom Jonas hopes a tweaking of technique keeps off the AFL tribunal list this year.Tom Jonas hopes a summer spent honing his defensive craft will finally keep him out of the AFL suspension doghouse.
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The Port Adelaide defender has worked with assistant coach Nathan Bassett through the pre-season on how to avoid making high contact.

Jonas had an outstanding season last year, but it was soured when he was suspended for rough conduct and had to sit out their heartbreaking extra-time elimination final loss to West Coast.

He also served a six-game striking suspension the season before. So no surprise one of his goals this season is to have a clean match review slate.

Bassett had an outstanding AFL career as a defender at Adelaide and has racked up plenty of coaching experience since.

“I’ve probably worked with ‘Bass’ a little bit around the technique side of defending,” Jonas said.

“Being able to stop my opponent without having the risk of slipping high, or anything like that.

“Internally, we felt it wasn’t so much an aggression thing, rather a technique thing.

“Hopefully I have no misdemeanours this year and get through unscathed – that would be very nice.”

Jonas is happy with his aggressive mindset, joking on Monday that he had not seen a psychologist in the wake of last year’s round-22 suspension.

But he and the club want a better technique to go with his physical intent.

“My value on the team is playing on the edge and bringing that aggression,” Jonas said.

“I’m probably not as talented as some and I need to do that to perform at a high level, so I’ve got to do that.”

Jonas finished third in the club best and fairest last season and also made the initial All-n squad.

He said Port plans to take as strong a team as possible into their opening pre-season match on Sunday against West Coast in Leederville.

The Power have made 11 changes to their list, bringing in experienced players such as Tom Rockliff, Jack Watts and Steven Motlop.

“That amount of turnover creates a different atmosphere and environment around the club.

“They’ve brought a lot of energy and a new personality – they’ve been great.”

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Athletics: Celia Sullohern ‘on a run’ towards Gold Coast Commonwealth Games with personal best times from 5000m to marathon

WINNER: Celia Sullohern on her way to claiming the 5000m final at the n Athletics Championships in the Gold Coast on Friday night. Picture: AAPCelia Sullohern is simply “on a run”.
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That’s how Newcastle-based coach Scott Westcott described it on Monday after she was officially named in the n athletics team for April’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games fora second event.

The 25-year-old earned the extra ticket during the weekend’s n Athletics Championships at Carrara Stadium, winning the5000 metre final in a personal best time of 15 minutes and34.42 seconds.

It follows on from Sullohern’s national 10,000m title and initialGames berth fromMelbourne in December, a breakthrough Melbourne Marathon victory in October and prestigious City2Surf crown over 14km in Sydney in August.

The University of Newcastle graduate, currentlybased in Yamba, also reset her previous individual marks in all three events by stopping the clockat 32:31.22, 2:29:27 and 47.03 respectively.

“That sometimes happens a bit, you just have a run,” Westcott said.“You set personal bests for all distances that you can. It’s justsurprising that it stretches from 5km all the way up to the marathon.”

Eleebana’sBenn Harradine isone of four Aussies attendinga record-equalling fourth Games.

The discus thrower will join Sally Pearson (100m hurdles), Kathryn Mitchell (javelin) and Lauren Wells (400m) as those to wear green and gold at each Commonwealth eventsince Melbourne in 2006.

Charlestown’s Erin Cleaver and Newcastle-born Cameron Crombie were also featured on Monday’s list, but the Paralympians had already secured spots last month in the T38 long jumpand F38 shot put respectively.

Newcastle wheelchair racers Kurt Fearnley (T54 1500m and marathon) and Rheed McCracken (T34 100m) were not included among the 65 athletes, but are expected to be confirmed in the team by the end of this month.

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