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Damien Leith reverts to an up-close show to coincide with the release of his Storytime app

STORY TIME: Damien Leith will play an intimate show at Lizotte’s Newcastle next month after he releases his story-time app. Picture: Rob Gunstone.Irish-n artist Damien Leith played 80 shows last year, most with a backing band and concert-sized stage production.
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But all through his tour, fans kept telling him that it was his short solo-stintsthat they most enjoyed.

They liked the intimacy of just him and his guitar.

So he listened, creating a string of shows that will be all about getting up close and personal with the former n Idol winner.

“It came from the audience,” Leith said. “I love the intimate shows, it gives me a bit more flexibility and I can sing what the audience wants to hear.

“I can go with the flow depending on what’s happening in the room on the night. When you do a band show, you’re kind of stuck to a set.”

Sydney-based Leith reckons Lizotte’s will bethe perfect venue for theshow.

“That’s got to be one of my favourite venues to play,” he said. “Just going back there is a big plus for me, but the show itself is about giving the audience what they want to hear. It is really about the voice, the guitar and piano.”

It’s timely that the 42-year-old is revertingto the up-close showgiven he’s about to release a storybook app.

Dubbed the Damien Leith Storytime app, the project is a verge into the unknown,but it’s something that hasbeen part of his life for years.

“I’ve got three children and I always loved telling stories,” said Leith. “But I never loved reading them. The traditional thing is you go into the room and read your kids a bedtime story, but I got bored reading stories. So I’d make up one and that’s kind of how it started.”

Over time, hestarted recording the stories so he couldplay a part in his kids’ lives when he was away touring. As the years went by and the stories stacked up, he had recorded a “phone-full” of different tales.

“My wife and I sat down and I said: ‘Gee, I think other parents would like this’, so we re-recorded them all and added sound effects and music.”

Each story no doubt its ownintimate experience.

The app, which intially comes with 15 stories,launches on March, 2, while Leith plays Lizzote’s on Saturday, March 10.

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Ice haul accused appear in SA court

Law enforcement have seized the largest haul of ice destined for South n streets.Three men charged over the seizure of more than 300 kilograms of the drug ice – the largest haul destined for South – have faced court.
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Reginald Roberts, 64, and Steven Sherriff, 61, faced Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday charged with importing a commercial quantity of a controlled drug and attempted possession of a commercial quantity of a controlled drug.

Neither man applied for bail.

A third man, 45-year-old Bill Mayne, was charged with attempted possession of a controlled drug and released on bail without opposition from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

The trio were arrested together on Friday at Waterloo Corner in Adelaide’s north.

Police say the 313kg haul, the largest destined for the state, was intercepted in crane jibs being imported by cargo ship on January 24.

The ice, which had an estimated street value of $270 million, was found in 313 bags concealed in the base of one of the jib arms.

The seizure would cause significant disruptions to the supply of drugs in the state, SA Police Assistant Commissioner Scott Duval said.

“It is about disrupting the supply of drugs and the supply here has been disrupted in a major way. These are drugs which will not hit the streets anymore,” Mr Duval said.

“This seizure should serve as a warning to those who are involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of methamphetamine.”

The plan was uncovered by a joint operation involving eight law enforcement and government agencies, including n Federal Police and South Police.

All three men will reappear in court on April 24.

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University of Newcastle students participate in hazings, drinking off genitals and games involving drinking vomit

Graphic video shows University of Newcastle students drinking alcohol of genitals, participating in hazings of new college residents.Footage depicting University of Newcastle students drinking alcohol off each other’s genitals, humiliating hazings of new college residents and games involving drinking vomit is a symptom of the culture“embedded” at the uni’s residences, an advocacy group targeting sexual violence says.
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End Rape on Campus has released a video that combines clips – which are publicly available online – including athreatof rape, a student pushing another student’s face towardsanexposed penis, heavy drinking and a group pressuring a male and female student by chanting for them to “hook up”.

Uni students participate in hazing, drinking off genitals, in ‘appalling’ videohttps://nnimgt-a.akamaihd苏州夜场招聘/transform/v1/crop/frm/7daP3m9vD5jxj8khH4ayZs/c075321f-abbb-410d-bbb9-4b9e8efda84d.JPG/r26_0_571_308_w1200_h678_fmax.jpgGraphic video shows University of Newcastle students drinking alcohol of genitals, participating in hazings of new college, local-news, newcastle university, newcastle herald, university of newcastle complaints, evatt house video, edwards hall video, end rape on campus australia video2018-02-20T06:00:00+11:00https://players.brightcove苏州夜场招聘/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5736331712001https://players.brightcove苏州夜场招聘/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5736331712001“A lot of students say they’re not forced into these hazings or drinking rituals, however it’s very much embedded as part of the culture and there’s an expectation that people participate,” said End Rape On Campus spokesperson Nina Funnell.

She said the footage she foundmostlycontainedstudents from the Evatt House, Edwards Hall and International House campus living quarters.

Ms Funnell told Fairfax Media that theNewcastle case study was the first of several from universities around , a result of the advocacy group’s two month investigation.The others will be released to coincide with each particular uni’s orientation week.

“One of the things we know about freshers [first year students] in particular is that they’re going through a massive period of transition and upheaval in their life when they start college,” Ms Funnell said.

“They will have a very strong need for belonging and a very strong need for structure around them.

“For someone who is going through all that change, who is going from high school to university, who may be feeling uncertain, who may be feeling anxious – that proposition of having an instant family provided you [participate in the behaviour] is very difficult to pass up.”

A University of Newcastle spokesperson saidthe university was“appalled” at the behaviour displayed in the video.

“The university takes all allegations of student misconduct seriously and act swiftly to remove offensive behaviour from our campuses where it is reported,” she said.“Four years ago, the university took over additional management responsibilities of the residential colleges. Since that time, we have worked consistently to develop and implement targeted programs aimed at educating students and their support staff on the appropriate behaviours and our expectations of conduct in our community.

“As well as the education and preventative measures, students found to have behaved in this way are subject to severe penalties.”

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Moneghetti impressed by next generation

‘s Chef de Mission Steve Moneghetti is blown away by Comm Games athletics team potential.Steve Moneghetti needs only to look members of ‘s Commonwealth Games athletics team in the eye to know a new era has arrived.
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The 1994 Commonwealth Games marathon champion will again serve as the country’s chef de mission in April on the Gold Coast.

But rather than get in the ear of his athletes, the long-distance legend will allow them the space they need to flourish after blowing his mind at the weekend’s national titles.

“I never would have expected the performances that I saw over the last few days; they’re continually amazing me,” he said.

He is most impressed with the country’s sprinting stocks and says their attitude is rubbing off on the team to give it an exciting depth of talent.

“I just think there’s a lot more confidence now in the generation from the 90s to the 2000s. I don’t think we’ve had the depth we’ve got now in the sprinters,” he said.

“Men’s sprinting – I haven’t said those two words together and been excited about it for quite some time.”

Trae Williams’ 100m time of 10.10sec – the fastest by an n in 11 years – lit up the nationals on the weekend while 17-year-old Riley Day became the youngest woman to win the 100m-200m double.

Despite running into a headwind, her 200m time (22.93sec) was the third fastest by an n women under 20, behind only Olympic medal-winning efforts by Raelene Boyle (22.74sec) and Jenny Lamy (22.88sec) in altitude at Mexico’s 1968 Games.

won six able-bodied athletics gold medals four years ago in Glasgow, compared to 14 in Melbourne in 2006.

Defending Commonwealth Games champions Sally Pearson (100m hurdles) and Dani Stevens (discus) will return as strong gold medal chances with Moneghetti hinting the depth was there to eclipse previous medal hauls.

“I’ll try and stay out of their environment; they’re very mature, very professional, humble and modest. But you can sense they have a good sense of where they’re at and what they need to do,” Moneghetti said.

“They want to be part of this new group coming through, you can see it in their eyes.”

He said Athletics deserved credit for keeping the more-senior members at an elite level while bringing on the next crop with success.

“If they perform at the Games like they’ve done (at the national titles) it’s going to be amazing.”

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Surfest 2018: Merewether’s Jackson Baker makes right move to win opening heat

Jackson Baker on Monday at Surfest. Picture: Paul DanovaroIn-form Jackson Baker overcame soreness and a slow start to winhis heat and progress to round two of the Burton Automotive Pro at Merewether on Monday.
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Baker, 21, was a standout for Merewether in their second place finish at the n Boardriders Battle national final at Newcastle on the weekend and backed up in the round of 144 after a one-hour massage on Monday morning.

Watch Surfest live here

“After surfing six heats yesterday and surfing as the power surfer a couple of times, I was buggered after the final. I was done for,” Baker said.

“This morning I felt even worse. I came out here this morning and I literally couldn’t make a turn.I’ve never felt that sore in my life.”

BIG DAY: Jackson Baker after the n Boardriders Battle grand final on Sunday. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Baker took onGatien Delahaye, Mitch Parkinson andElijah Gates on Monday afternoon in the 6000-point World Surf League qualifying series contest.

He sat deep in the line-up at Merewether for the first half of his 25-minute heat and scored only a 2.67 before paddling south to Pogos to find better waves.

He did just that with nine minutes left, earning a 8.1 to jump to the lead. He backed that up with a 4.73 with four minutes to go to make sure of his place in the top two. He won with 12.83 fromDelahaye (12). Gates (10.47) and Parkinson (6.44) were eliminated.

“There was a brief moment I kind of went into panic mode, but I’ve been in that position so many times and just had to kind of breath and pull myself out of it,” said Baker, who won the 1000-point Tweed Coast and Great Lakes pros leading into Surfest.

“When I made that decision to move up towards Pogos, back where the waves were, I knew one had to break within 10 minutes and I knew there wereonly 10-point totals.

“As soon as I got that eight, I just wanted to stay on my feet and I knew I only needed a three or afour.”

Baker was using a new pink board, in honour of his mum, Tracy, who died from cancer in August 2016. Hegave it a kiss when he came up the beach after his win.

“I got a pink spray on it for my Mum, and I really wanted to ride it here,” he said.

“I gave it a little kiss when I came in. Iwas thanking Mum.I think she gave me that wave, andI was a bit in no-man’s land.”

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