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Abbott calls for lower immigration rates

Former PM Tony Abbott is expected to call for a reduction in the number of migrants in a speech. should drastically reduce immigration levels until migrants are better integrated into society and to prevent further pressure on wages and housing prices, former prime minister Tony Abbott says.
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The member for Warringah, speaking at the Sydney Institute on Tuesday evening, took a swipe at politicians from an increasingly well-off “talking class” who are becoming dislocated from ordinary ns.

Mr Abbott wants to see a cut in immigration numbers from 190,000 to 110,000 people a year, urging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take the issue to the electorate at the next election.

Cutting the number of migrants will help wages growth and make house prices more affordable, he said.

“My issue is not immigration; it’s the rate of immigration at a time of stagnant wages, clogged infrastructure, soaring house prices and, in Melbourne at least, ethnic gangs that are testing the resolve of police,” he said.

“It’s a basic law of economics that increasing the supply of labour depresses wages; and that increasing demand for housing boosts price.

“At least until infrastructure housing stock and integration has better caught up, we simply have to move the overall numbers substantially down. In order to win the next election, the government needs policy positions which are principled, practical and popular.”

Mr Abbott questioned whether ns were “too fussy” about the jobs they’re willing to work, or if they were willing to work at all given “don’t-ask-questions welfare”.

“If a high-end restaurant needs an executive chef, or if a university needs a world-class quantum physicist, or if a bank needs a new CFO, it might make sense to recruit someone from overseas on a high salary; and it’s good when people making a big contribution opt to stay here,” he said.

“But are we really so short of willing and capable workers that backpackers must pick our crops, overseas students serve our tables, and recent migrants run our IT?”

Asked whether needed to change its immigration policy, Cabinet minister Mathias Cormann said the intake was lower now than its peak under the previous Labor government.

“The most important thing with our immigration intake is that we attract the right people to make their home,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“In the end attracting appropriately skilled migrants with the right attitude also helps ensure our economic growth into the future.”

Mr Abbott warned a chasm was opening in western politics between a “talking class that’s never had it so good”, a working class trying to keep up and a welfare class “with a strong sense of entitlement”.

“It’s easy to dismiss street crime when you live in an up-market suburb and don’t have to use public transport or drive long distances for work,” he said.

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Thousands farewell Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai

Thousands have gathered in Zimbabwe’s capital to farewell Morgan Tsvangirai who died on February 14.In a sea of red T-shirts, thousands of Zimbabweans have bid farewell to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, whose death has opened divisions in his Movement for Democratic Change party only months before elections.
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Tsvangirai died on February 14 aged 65 after a long battle with cancer and is due to be buried on Tuesday in his rural home of Buhera, 200km southeast of Harare.

Party faithful converged on a square in downtown Harare on Monday to bid farewell to a man whose career was defined by his rivalry with long-time president Robert Mugabe, who was ousted in November.

“This is the People’s General, who led the poor, the workers and the youth since 1988. We grieve with hope that the army that the general built will finish the work that he started,” former MDC legislator Munyaradzi Gwisai told the crowd.

McHenry Venaani, the opposition leader in neighbouring Namibia, described Tsvangirai as a “doyen of democratisation of Africa” who had “started a journey of a thousand miles into immortality”.

In life, Tsvangirai and his supporters were beaten, humiliated and accused of treason. In death, the ruling ZANU-PF party has accorded Tsvangirai rare respect, including a military helicopter to transport his body to his rural home.

Supporters chanted MDC slogans, including a popular song calling Tsvangirai to lead because ZANU-PF, the only party Zimbabwe has known since independence from Britain in 1980, had failed.

“Tsvangirai did not discriminate. He loved everyone,” said 59-year-old grandmother Chioniso Mazivanhanga, who said she had known Tsvangirai as a mining union leader since 1976.

Behind the public outpouring of grief, however, senior MDC officials are at war over control of the party.

The election of Nelson Chamisa, 40, as acting president has angered a rival faction led by party vice presidents Elias Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe, who are also bidding to succeed Tsvangirai.

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Defiant Joyce loses WA Nationals support

Barnaby Joyce says suggestions he be dumped as Nationals leader amount to a witch hunt (File).Barnaby Joyce says he’s not going anywhere but has lost the support of the West n Nationals who say his leadership is “no longer tenable”.
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The deputy prime minister, who’s taken personal leave after his affair with former staffer Vikki Campion was made public, played down the significance of a nationwide phone hook-up between Nationals officials on Monday afternoon.

But on Tuesday the WA Nationals became the first state to officially withdrew support for the federal leader.

WA Nationals state leader Mia Davies issued a statement saying she told Mr Joyce he is now a distraction.

“Mr Joyce’s actions have caused pain for his family but it is the ongoing damage Mr Joyce is causing the Nationals organisation that is of greatest concern to me as WA leader,” Ms Davies said.

The WA branch of the party does not have any federal MPs and will play no role in any potential vote on the leadership, but it was second only to the NSW branch in political donations last financial year, receiving $1.785 million.

Mr Joyce shot back in a statement to Sky News, pointing out WA didn’t have any federal MPs and the eastern states, which had more “skin in the game”, supported him.

His federal Nationals colleague Matt Canavan said there was a “level of disappointment” about the situation, but party supporters wanted Mr Joyce to keep fighting for regional .

Asked about Ms Davies’ statement, Senator Canavan said: “It’s a sentiment I’ve heard from lots of people … (but) it’s obviously not 100 per cent in one direction.”

Barnaby Joyce is taking his first day of personal leave in the wake of a tumultuous week.

He said the vast majority of Nationals MPs backed Mr Joyce as leader, but a spill was a matter for the party room.

Mr Joyce said the nationwide phone hook-up was not an official meeting, reiterating the leader of the Nationals is decided by party MPs.

“People are starting to see this as a witch hunt. I’m not going anywhere, I never would,” Mr Joyce told Fairfax Media on Tuesday.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, who will be acting prime minister when Malcolm Turnbull heads to the US on Wednesday, said Mr Joyce’s future is up to his colleagues.

But he was very confident Mr Joyce and Mr Turnbull will continue to work together, despite their sometimes “robust relationship”.

“Barnaby’s had a difficult week, there’s no two ways about it,” Senator Cormann told reporters in Canberra.

Senator Cormann left a voicemail message with the deputy prime minister in the last few days but said the pair haven’t had a chance to talk.

Mr Joyce’s NSW Nationals colleague Michael McCormack, who’s been touted as a potential replacement, refused six times to explicitly back Mr Joyce’s leadership.

“There is no challenge at the moment … he has the party’s support,” the minister told Sky News on Monday.

A Newspoll published by The n on Monday found 65 per cent of n voters believe Mr Joyce should quit as Nationals leader and either go to the backbench or quit politics.

News Corp reports friends of Mr Joyce’s wife Natalie say she doesn’t want him to lose his job.

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Thompson seeks career security at Manly

Manly recruit Joel Thompson is excited to be joining the club he supported in his youth.Joel Thompson has taken a subtle dig at St George Illawarra but emphasised he harbours no ill feelings towards his former NRL club.
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Thompson will run out in Manly colours for the first time in Saturday night’s trial against Sydney Roosters on the Central Coast.

The 29-year-old back-rower was signed to the Dragons for 2018 but a two-year contract offer from Sea Eagles coach Trent Barrett was too good to refuse as he prepares to enter the twilight of his career.

Thompson said the security of the extra year offered by Manly prompted him to seek a release.

Asked if he felt like he was unwanted at the Dragons, Thompson said: “I thought I deserved that extra year for what I did on the field but I understood their position.

“I’ve been around footy long enough. They’ve got some great young guys coming through.

“We were honest throughout all the conversations. I respect their decision.

“Do I agree with it? Probably not. But that’s footy and we left on good terms.”

The central NSW product was signed by Manly despite the prospect of sanctions for alleged salary cap breaches hanging over the club.

Thompson said it was hard to uproot his family and move to his third club in six seasons but the security of a multi-year deal gave him piece of mind.

“To be totally honest, Manly offered me another year on my contract,” Thompson said.

“I grew up supporting Manly and I like the squad they’ve got here and what they’re doing. I wanted to be a part of it.

“It gave me a bit of security, I’m not young anymore, I’ll take what I can get.”

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Nationals MP not sorry for gun-toting post

Nationals MP George Christensen refuses to apologise for posting a gun-toting photo to social media.Nationals MP George Christensen is refusing to apologise after copping widespread condemnation for publishing a photo of himself pointing a pistol with the caption “do you feel lucky, greenie punks?”
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Even though he has removed it, Mr Christensen does not accept there is anything wrong with his apparent attempt at a Dirty Harry-inspired joke, which has prompted a complaint to federal police by the n Greens.

“Putting a joke up on social media, if that’s doing something wrong, then there’s a lot of people that are going to be in trouble because it happens every day, every hour in this country,” Mr Christensen said.

His Facebook post, which came just days after a high school shooting massacre in Florida, has given Malcolm Turnbull another Nationals-induced headache as he deals with the fallout from the Barnaby Joyce scandal.

“It was very inappropriate and he took it down after he was spoken to about it,” Mr Turnbull told 3AW radio on Monday.

Liberal MP Warren Entsch was far more blunt.

“I think it was bloody stupid,” he told reporters.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has referred the post to the AFP while the minor party’s Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has lodged her own complaint over a death threat she received from someone she believes is a supporter of Mr Christensen.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the colourful north Queensland MP might not have broken the law but it was not his job to stoop to the lowest common denominator with cheap gags.

“He’s a member of parliament, not some galah down in the front bar carrying on with a few jokes,” Mr Shorten told reporters in Townsville.

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