Damien Leith reverts to an up-close show to coincide with the release of his Storytime app

STORY TIME: Damien Leith will play an intimate show at Lizotte’s Newcastle next month after he releases his story-time app. Picture: Rob Gunstone.Irish-n artist Damien Leith played 80 shows last year, most with a backing band and concert-sized stage production.

But all through his tour, fans kept telling him that it was his short solo-stintsthat they most enjoyed.

They liked the intimacy of just him and his guitar.

So he listened, creating a string of shows that will be all about getting up close and personal with the former n Idol winner.

“It came from the audience,” Leith said. “I love the intimate shows, it gives me a bit more flexibility and I can sing what the audience wants to hear.

“I can go with the flow depending on what’s happening in the room on the night. When you do a band show, you’re kind of stuck to a set.”

Sydney-based Leith reckons Lizotte’s will bethe perfect venue for theshow.

“That’s got to be one of my favourite venues to play,” he said. “Just going back there is a big plus for me, but the show itself is about giving the audience what they want to hear. It is really about the voice, the guitar and piano.”

It’s timely that the 42-year-old is revertingto the up-close showgiven he’s about to release a storybook app.

Dubbed the Damien Leith Storytime app, the project is a verge into the unknown,but it’s something that hasbeen part of his life for years.

“I’ve got three children and I always loved telling stories,” said Leith. “But I never loved reading them. The traditional thing is you go into the room and read your kids a bedtime story, but I got bored reading stories. So I’d make up one and that’s kind of how it started.”

Over time, hestarted recording the stories so he couldplay a part in his kids’ lives when he was away touring. As the years went by and the stories stacked up, he had recorded a “phone-full” of different tales.

“My wife and I sat down and I said: ‘Gee, I think other parents would like this’, so we re-recorded them all and added sound effects and music.”

Each story no doubt its ownintimate experience.

The app, which intially comes with 15 stories,launches on March, 2, while Leith plays Lizzote’s on Saturday, March 10.

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