Knitting Nannas gave baby booties to Barnaby Joyce before scandal broke

Booties for Barnaby were a premonition | PHOTOS Gift: Booties that the Knitting Nannas gave to Barnaby Joyce. Picture: Jamieson Murphy

Knitting Nannas.

Knitting Nannas.

TweetFacebookNorthern Daily Leader reporterJamieson Murphy wrote a prophetic piece about the protest group, the Knitting Nannas.

The Nannas had gathered out the front of Barnaby’s office to knit some baby booties.

As this pictureshows, they presentedthe booties to Barnaby as a gift, with the label “No CSG [coal seam gas]” and a message to protect the environment for kids.

“Our statement was for the kiddies. We weren’t being specific,” knitting nanna Pat Schultz said, with a giggle.

“I have to admit to having an inkling. You could put it down to a meaningful coincidence. That wouldbe a good description.”

Pat said that when the Nannaspresented the giftto Barnaby’s receptionist, “she couldn’t stop smiling, despite the fact that she tried to”.

Now that Barnaby’s having a new bub, perhaps he’ll be more attuned to the Nannas’ message?

“That was what we were hoping,”Pat said.

The Knitting Nannas are becoming quite the force. They have groups in numerous areas.

Previously, they’ve done protests in Gloucester and Newcastle.

The Nannascare for the environment “for the kiddies’ future”.

They knit quietly and peacefully as a demonstration of their message.

“Basically, we want to stop coal seam gas and coal mining,” Pat said.

The Nannas will continue their protestat the Time 2 Choose rally in Sydney on March 24.

A large group of Novocastrians is expected to attend the rally.

The event will ask: “Do you want more coal and gas? Or clean water, clean air and clean energy?”

We asked nanna Pat if she couldimagine a future free of fossil fuels.

“Absolutely. I can see no reason why that wouldn’t happen. Wind and solar and other alternativeenergies like pumped hydro – that’s the power of the future. It’s doable.

“Other countries are so far ahead of us. is so backwardwhen it comes to alternative energies.”

The Final WordScene: A married couple sits on alounge on Saturday night, watching the Winter Olympics.

As a box of choc-coated almonds is opened, a discussion ensues.

Wife: Is a semi-final when they get a gold medal?

Husband: Ahh, no. That would be the final.

Wife: (who now realises semi-final was the wrong choice of words)Don’t they call that the grand final?

Husband: No, that’s n sport. We have semi-finals, a final and a grand final.

Wife: So the final isn’t the final?

Husband: Its full name is the preliminary final.

Wife: Geez, that’s stupid.

Husband: You really know as much about sport as you know about politics, don’t you?

Wife: Yep. Who’s our prime minister again?

Husband: Malcolm Turncoat.

Husband: I reckon you’ll ask me the exact same question about finals at the next Olympics.

Wife: Probably.

Jackie and Princess DiTopics wrote last week that psychic Jackie Gillies was hopingto channel the spirit of Princess Diana.

Paul Burrell and Jackie Gillies.

Jackie, who grew upin Newcastle and is thewife of Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies, wants to give Princess Di’s former butler Paul Burrell a psychic reading.

The pair are co-stars on the Channel 10 show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

On Sunday night’s show, Jackie implied thatPaulwould become a confidantto Prince Harry.

Paul replied that Jackie was “so on the mark”.

Paul then told another co-star that Jackie was “tunedinto something”.

“Idon’t know what it is. It’s weird. I’m a sceptic. I don’t understand it. But she just told me something which is true and she doesn’t know it’s true. Weird,”he said.


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