Newcastle’s Sprinkles and Adventure moves from hobby to growing hair bow business

Hair affair: Natasha Veale with her daughters Lola, left, and Arabella. Picture: Little Magnolia Photography. A PRIMARY school craftchallenge was the unintended inspiration for Hamilton mother-of-four Natasha Veale to create her growing onlinebusiness Sprinkles and Adventure.

Mrs Veale, a former model and commercial make up artist and former owner and talent scout of Models and Actors, was making an easter bonnet for her eldest child a few years ago when she found herself in her element.

“I realised I had zero crafting experience so I set myself a challenge to come up with the greatest hat and I really enjoyed it,” says Mrs Veale, admitting with a laugh that her first effort was abysmal.

With her four children gradually entering day care and school, Ms Veale had a need to scratch her creative itch and initially did so by making party goods, including tulle wands.

Awake until midnight researching fabrics and more, she accidentally came across hand-crafted bow products and what started as a hobby is now the growing bow business Sprinkles and Adventure.

“I thought it was something that would be beneficial for my girls… I had zero experience in social media but there are so many resources online to help you get started,” she says.

Mrs Veale’s background in modelling and fashion has come in handy in the design of her bows, which she makes from scratch by hand.

“I look to women’s fashion for what is trending next season in colours and patterns and I also gain a lot of inspiration from nature’s colour palette,” she says.

Sourcing fabrics from around the globe and in , she uses a cutting machine to cut fabric for the bows then attaches them with a hot glue machine to each clip. While some bow brands sew on their bows, Mrs Veale says the use of glue allows her to use a far wider range of fabrics.

Since launching in mid 2016, the business has gone from strength to strength, selling its wide range of bows and headbands online to manycountries and also on the wholesale market.

Sprinkles and Adventureis stocked in every state in andfurther growth will prompt Mrs Veale to hirea seamstress to help her keep up with production by hand.

Itsclients are largely young fashion forward mums.

“There are 600 million people on Instagram and 5 million of those are in and 60 per cent of those are female,” she says of the potential for her business.

Mrs Veale is proud of letting go of her perfectionist streak to launch:“I started before I was ready so Icouldn’t procrastinate,” she says.

Sprinkles and Adventureis stocked in New Lambton hair salon The Prep Room and Mrs Veale hopes to add local stockists soon.

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