Putting the life into living

TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS: BaptistCare understands the importance of maintaining independence at home for people like Margaret and that living independently looks different for everyone. After a lifetime of educating others, former teacher Margaret is now enjoying the freedom which comes with retirement, and has rediscovered the joy of educating herself.

Margaret is a keen learner and has become an active member of the University of the Third Age (U3A) where she attends regular writing classes. She is also an active participant in a local film club, where she loves discussing classic films with other movie lovers.

Excited and engaged in these new experiences, Margaret looked forward to a long and busy retirement.

However, when Margaret’s health took a turn for the worse, she suddenly found herself in hospital, and cut off from the new-found lifestyle which she was enjoying.

“After spending two months in hospital last year, they were a bit careless and I lost the sight in one eye,” she says. “I’ve also got [deep vein thromboses] in my leg.”

With her eye sight impacted, and her mobility reduced, Margaret realised that she would need additional support to remain active. Despite her son living reasonably close by, she knew that he could not be her only source of support.

Margaret turned to BaptistCare for assistance, whose home care team now provide her with a variety of services including help with the shopping, driving her around, and with work around the home.

The support from BaptistCare is helping her to continue with activities that she would be unable to do on her own.Importantly, Margaret always feels respected and understood.

“I am just so grateful for everything they do and their attitude towards me,” she said. “They don’t treat me like I’m a useless nong.” s

The assistance provided helps her stay connected with her community, and enables her to live in comfort at home.

“I have arthritis in both hands, so a care worker comes in four mornings,” Margaret says. “That to me is an enormous help. And because I can’t push a vacuum cleaner around and without sight in one eye now my balance is not so crash hot, BaptistCare are very good

“I think without their help I would probably be restricted to the house. BaptistCare’s help is tremendous, it makes the difference between living and just existing.”

Margaret is wearing a CareCall device providing her with 24/7 support at the push of a button. The CareCall device gives her the freedom to continue living safely in her own home and provides her family peace of mind.

BaptistCare understands that maintaining independence at home looks different for everyone. Watch Margaret’s story and customise your own care with YouChoose at www.youchoose苏州模特佳丽招聘.au or phone 1300 275 227 and speak to one of BaptistCare’s friendly advisors.

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