Short Takes February 20 2018

AFTER every US massacre, politicians inform their voters that “our thoughts and prayers are with you.” Well, it isn’t working. I call upon these Americans to think and pray harder – they need to pray really, really hard if this is how they plan to stop deaths.

David Rose,HamiltonRON Elphick (Short Takes 17/2),I introduce my same sex spouse as “my partner Bill”but for you I will use the term “husbear”.For us, we have the same surname and have had for nearly 20 years.Maybe we need to meet over a beer so you can see what a real gay couple look like. You may be surprised.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown,Cardiff HeightsCONGRATULATIONS to the Newcastle Knights’ powers thatbe. We have signed this name, that name and everyone else that “deserves a chance”. But what has happened to giving a goto the players that have played week after week,through the good and the bad?They have turned up every time, listening to the fans saying“Maybe next week, maybe next year”. Do they get pushed aside for a big-name player? Hopefullyloyalty to a club will get rewarded, or willthese new signings will move on with the coach when greener grass beckons?

Jenny Henderson, Maryland​WHILE the leader of this country and his deputy are lobbing grenades at each other, do they think the people who are struggling to pay theirgas and electricity bills while trying to raise their families by making ends meet really care who is bonking who? You have been voted in to run this countrybut all you have done is let the people down.

Andy McFadden,Warners BayI HAVE lost count the number of times I caught the 225 bus last year only to be told by driver that the Opal machine was not working. No wonder numbers were down (“Keolis Downer calls time on‘ghost buses’”,Herald19/2).

Jan Clarke,North LambtonI NOW know what the NBN network initials stands for, we thought that it must be better than what we had in the past, but I am convinced that it stands for NOTHIN BUT NOTHIN network.

Gary Graham, Raymond TerraceVirtually all terrorism and violence is perpetrated by right wing thinkers. Now we see conservative National Party member George Christensen posting images glorifying guns and encouraging violence against environmentalists. The man needs to resign.

Mac Maguire, CharlestownGeorge Christensen’s post on social media seemed to support gun violence. Hurtful, untimely, and perhaps dangerous. It is not OK.Couldn’t the LNP find a better candidate?

Susie Johnson, AdamstownTHE POLLSIS private health insurance worth the cost to customers?

Yes 26%, No 74%SHOULD ferries go toCarrington and Wickham?

Yes 92%, No 8%

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